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I’m on a roll here with blog posts so thought I’d end on a music one. I pulled up an old playlist on my iPod and thought I’d post some tracks from that. These are some of my faves. First is a remix of a LAZRtag song. LAZRtag is composed of two dudes from LA woo woo. LUVTEK is part one and he is totally rad, fun, and only like 22. Part two is StellarDRV who I know nothing about. DJ Barletta the remixer, is also worth checking out. By the way, Work is definitely not play for me, even thought I listen to this at work. Ironic. Maybe.

The next track is a SebastiAn track remixed by Erol Alkan who is playing in LA next weekend, and I’m super bummed I’m going to miss it. Even though I’ll be in LA. Gah. I love them both in a special way.

Lastly I have posted a track remixed by my all-time love Stuart Price aka Jacques Lu Cont aka Thin White Duke aka Les Rythmes Digitales. This list goes on. I adore him in so many ways. And this track is no exception.

Anywho this post includes some of my all time faves and I hope you enjoy. This music might be better enjoyed with a moustache on. (See Above)

MP3: LAZRtag – Work Is Play (Barletta Boom Blast Fix)
MP3: SebastiAn – Momy (Erol Alkan’s Simple, Yet Effective Edit)
MP3: Chili Hifly – Is It Love (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)


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