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Everything In Its Right Place

So I just bought my Groove Armada, and Etienne de Crecy/ Alex Gopher tickets. Pretty excited. Not gonna lie.. Anywho, so I’ve been listening to a lot of The Twelves remixes these days. Super catchy and fun. Unfortunately I was in LA, while they were playing up in SF. Bummer. Anywho, they have been keeping me distracted at work. My toes do a lot of tapping.

Ive also discovered Gigamesh. He’s got a pretty awesome remix of my favorite Radiohead song everrrr. Everthing In Its Right Place. Also check out the mix below.

MP3: Groove Armada – Drop The Tough ( The Twelves Remix)

MP3: The Virgins – Rich Girls ( The Twelves Remix)

MP3: Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place ( Gigamesh Remix)

MP3: Gigamesh – Let’s Start Feb 2009 Promo Mix


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