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Uniqlo Calendar

I know its been too long since my last post, but thought a calendar post would be a nice way to start off the new year (granted its almost the end of January but still). So I have been quite obsessed with Uniqlo’s Calendar. Its pure awesome. Considering I just got back from Japan, this seems like an appropriate screensaver to have. Not only is it well-designed, it tells me the freakin date, weather, and displays some lovely time-lapse video content. I particularly fond of the penguin parade, the ninjas fighting on the roof in Tochigi, Shibuya crossing (I’ve been there!), and all the other cuteness that ensues. Anywho, you should get this screensaver too.


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Andy Gilmore

Andy Gilmore of Rochester, NY has some amazing stuff in his portfolio. Great understanding of color obvs. Particularly enjoying his WIRED and Bones magazine covers. Anywho have a looksie at his site for more like this.

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Would you know what to do in the event of an Earthquake in SF? I myself have experienced some craaazy earthquakes in my day (aka Northridge 1994) so I totally aced this quiz ya’ll. Not only is this informative, its also awesomely designed. The folks over at “I shot him because I loved him, damn him” worked with Asketic SF to create this glorious project. These design gurus has some awfully fun sites as well and the fact that they are SF-based makes them cool in my book. I love SF. I love design. I can’t say that I love earthquakes but at least now I’m prepared.

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Lobster Clawvocado

I’ve been a fan Dave Franzese‘s work for some time now and have wanted to get a Hand Drawn T since I came across it. At last the day has come! yesssss. If you haven’t grasped the concept yet, pretty much you send in your favorite shirt and a list of your favorite things and voila, Dave does his magic.

Dave also include some schwag like stickers and the cutest little octopus finger puppet. I checked out his other sites which are totally rad. Dark Igloo is amazingly awesome. My favorite keys are F and C. NYC WTF looks pretty amazing as well. Unfortunately I don’t live in NYC. Looks like its still in the early stages but I definitely give all these sites a octopus finger puppet thumbs up.

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So I’m back! I thought I’d start out with a design post. This sweet image comes from Duoh!, an awesome design/web company from Belgium. Duoh! consists of Veerle Pieters, a graphic/web designer and Geert Leyseele, the boyfriend/project manager. I was gitty when I came across their site and immediately downloaded some wallpaper for my laptop. I suggest you do the same.

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How adorable is this monster? I want to hang out with him. Rad. Anywho he is by this University Student/Freelance Illustrator from Finland, Tervaja. I was surfing Piczo and came across this girl’s site that had some of his work up. At least SOME Piczo kids aren’t into the Playboy bunny and sparkly hearts. Here is the song of the day.

MP3: Radio Slave – Next Stop Chicago

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