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Dustin Curtis

Welcome to me nerding out over user interfaces and their designers. Here is how Dustin Curtis introduces himself, “My name is Dustin Curtis. I make user interfaces and experiences. I am obsessed with sushi, the sky, and the brain. Today is the 8,238th day of my life.” His site is easy to navigate through and explore. Probably one of my favorite parts is the about page. Chalk-full of entertainment. The timeline is BRILLIANT. Let me just list off the other things I find inspiring: the iconography (particularly the little fish that appears here and there), the navigation, the sign up box on the fuel site *swoon*, the one-pixel borders, the humor, I mean I could go on for days.

All in all, I find Dustin’s work to be utterly fantastic. He gets bonus points for being from the bay area.


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Would you know what to do in the event of an Earthquake in SF? I myself have experienced some craaazy earthquakes in my day (aka Northridge 1994) so I totally aced this quiz ya’ll. Not only is this informative, its also awesomely designed. The folks over at “I shot him because I loved him, damn him” worked with Asketic SF to create this glorious project. These design gurus has some awfully fun sites as well and the fact that they are SF-based makes them cool in my book. I love SF. I love design. I can’t say that I love earthquakes but at least now I’m prepared.

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Lobster Clawvocado

I’ve been a fan Dave Franzese‘s work for some time now and have wanted to get a Hand Drawn T since I came across it. At last the day has come! yesssss. If you haven’t grasped the concept yet, pretty much you send in your favorite shirt and a list of your favorite things and voila, Dave does his magic.

Dave also include some schwag like stickers and the cutest little octopus finger puppet. I checked out his other sites which are totally rad. Dark Igloo is amazingly awesome. My favorite keys are F and C. NYC WTF looks pretty amazing as well. Unfortunately I don’t live in NYC. Looks like its still in the early stages but I definitely give all these sites a octopus finger puppet thumbs up.

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I am obsessed with Odopod‘s redesign. My friend Pete is a Senior Developer there and clued me in to the recent change and I absolutely love it. There are so many things to explore! Not only is their work amazing ( Milk’s White Gold Campaign? Hello?), but they seem like a fun group of folks. Also, their site is PINK! yay.

I think everyone should check out every nook and cranny of this site, maybe while you are bored at work…

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Space and the Universe

Let me start with SpaceCollective. I’ll just quote their welcome statement to give a sense of what sort of content is on this site. “SpaceCollective. Where forward thinking terrestrials exchange ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction today.” The UI design for this site is lovely. I adore it. Lots of information displayed in an organized, understandable way. Interesting videos, blog posts, people. Not to mention, the orb of awesomeness that exists on the landing page. Check it Out. For Serious.

NOW onto the Universe. Welcome to The Universe in ’09 from SEED Magazine. This unique organization of articles, kinda similar to the Spectra Newsreader I posted about earlier. Categories represented with color is something I’m drawn to. Obviously. Anywho, its worth it just to see how the interaction works, OR to learn about the Black Hole.

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I absolutely adore this video. You can probably guess one of the reasons why. I hope you enjoy it too. Let me take this opportunity to also gush over how awesome Vimeo is. Great design, great content, and a great staff. This would hands down, be my dream company to work for. I hope to someday upload some videos to this site, but for now, tuning in to watch awesome videos will suffice.

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Spectra Visual Newsreader

So i came across the COOLEST way to experience news. The Spectra Visual Newsreader lets you create your own channel consisting of topics that interest you. Its seems like it could get complicated really fast but its suprisingly user-friendly. Its a fun, visual way to get your news.

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So I’m back! I thought I’d start out with a design post. This sweet image comes from Duoh!, an awesome design/web company from Belgium. Duoh! consists of Veerle Pieters, a graphic/web designer and Geert Leyseele, the boyfriend/project manager. I was gitty when I came across their site and immediately downloaded some wallpaper for my laptop. I suggest you do the same.

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