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Considering I look like a lobster right now AKA sunburnt, I figured a lobster post was in order. A dear friend of mine sent me a link to this awhile ago and I had been meaning to post it sooo here it is! I mean come on, a lobster riding a record?! who has an uncle named Bismark? Freaking awesome. I also find it amusing that his name is Shelly since my roomie’s name is Michelle – granted I don’t really call her Shelly this is kinda unrelated but still. I thought I should mention it. Anywho, I just bought some AMAZING lobster shoes that I’m hoping to post about soon. Ta Ta for now!


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Nice Lobster

Who would have thought there is a site out there that contains seemingly endless amounts of random, sometimes hilarious lobster pictures! Welp its called, Nice Lobster. Although the navigation on this site is absolutely horrible, I HAD to go through all 24 pages of pictures. How could I forget the infamous, “Lobsta in yo’ face!” picture, or some classics such as the knife fight, or the dog and baby in lobster costumes. Granted there were some random ones that if I were running this site might veto, overall the content was pretty amazingly lobster-related.

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Lobster Clawvocado

I’ve been a fan Dave Franzese‘s work for some time now and have wanted to get a Hand Drawn T since I came across it. At last the day has come! yesssss. If you haven’t grasped the concept yet, pretty much you send in your favorite shirt and a list of your favorite things and voila, Dave does his magic.

Dave also include some schwag like stickers and the cutest little octopus finger puppet. I checked out his other sites which are totally rad. Dark Igloo is amazingly awesome. My favorite keys are F and C. NYC WTF looks pretty amazing as well. Unfortunately I don’t live in NYC. Looks like its still in the early stages but I definitely give all these sites a octopus finger puppet thumbs up.

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I absolutely adore this video. You can probably guess one of the reasons why. I hope you enjoy it too. Let me take this opportunity to also gush over how awesome Vimeo is. Great design, great content, and a great staff. This would hands down, be my dream company to work for. I hope to someday upload some videos to this site, but for now, tuning in to watch awesome videos will suffice.

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