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Monday at the Happy House

Let me start off my gushing about the amazing I went to Saturday night. The Juan Maclean and The Field put on a super fun show at SF’s Mezzanine. Both artists were different in their own respects which created a nice balance. ANYWHO the show exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend seeing either one at some point.

Here are my favorite tracks from these artists.

MP3: The Juan Maclean – Happy House

MP3: The Field – The Little Heart Beats So Fast


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Well since I love Alice, I thought I’d start this post off with a track composed almost entirely of samples for Disney’s Alice and Wonderland by this guy Pogo. The boy is like 19. Holy Cow.

So here are some other songs I have been listening too lately.

MP3: Pogo – Alice

MP3: Knightlife – Discotirso (Original Mix)

MP3: Moderat – Seamonkey

MP3: Lykke Li – Little Bit (AutoErotique Bootleg Remix)

MP3: Loose Shus – Preview 2009

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In For The Kill

This La Roux video is beautiful. And you can find The Twelves remix of this song below. (I’m more a fan of the remix than the original. Shhhhh.) La Roux is a Brit Electropop duo, but I just love the look of this video.

So here is some additional music randomness for you (Totally unrelated to the group above). I just bought a ton o stuff off The Whitest Boy Alive‘s merch store Bubbles For Sale. Loving the illustrations and of course anything associated with Erlend Øye, who’s adorably nerdy.

MP3: La Roux – In For The Kill ( The Twelves Remix)

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I have an undying love for Moulinex . This German can seriously do no wrong in my book. I REALLY want him to come tour the US of A, for reals. Anyway here are some of my favorite tracks. I seriously can’t get enough.

MP3: Cicada – Falling Rockets ( Moulinex Remix)

MP3: College ft. Anoraak – Fantasy Park ( Moulinex Remix)

MP3: Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer ( Moulinex Remix)

MP3: Moulinex – Leisure Suit

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Lobster Clawvocado

I’ve been a fan Dave Franzese‘s work for some time now and have wanted to get a Hand Drawn T since I came across it. At last the day has come! yesssss. If you haven’t grasped the concept yet, pretty much you send in your favorite shirt and a list of your favorite things and voila, Dave does his magic.

Dave also include some schwag like stickers and the cutest little octopus finger puppet. I checked out his other sites which are totally rad. Dark Igloo is amazingly awesome. My favorite keys are F and C. NYC WTF looks pretty amazing as well. Unfortunately I don’t live in NYC. Looks like its still in the early stages but I definitely give all these sites a octopus finger puppet thumbs up.

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I am obsessed with Odopod‘s redesign. My friend Pete is a Senior Developer there and clued me in to the recent change and I absolutely love it. There are so many things to explore! Not only is their work amazing ( Milk’s White Gold Campaign? Hello?), but they seem like a fun group of folks. Also, their site is PINK! yay.

I think everyone should check out every nook and cranny of this site, maybe while you are bored at work…

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Ummm this video is awesome. I guess I have a soft spot for anything stop motion. Coraline? magical. k-os is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer from Canada and totally awesome. Enjoying this song very much, and the video as well.

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Everything In Its Right Place

So I just bought my Groove Armada, and Etienne de Crecy/ Alex Gopher tickets. Pretty excited. Not gonna lie.. Anywho, so I’ve been listening to a lot of The Twelves remixes these days. Super catchy and fun. Unfortunately I was in LA, while they were playing up in SF. Bummer. Anywho, they have been keeping me distracted at work. My toes do a lot of tapping.

Ive also discovered Gigamesh. He’s got a pretty awesome remix of my favorite Radiohead song everrrr. Everthing In Its Right Place. Also check out the mix below.

MP3: Groove Armada – Drop The Tough ( The Twelves Remix)

MP3: The Virgins – Rich Girls ( The Twelves Remix)

MP3: Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place ( Gigamesh Remix)

MP3: Gigamesh – Let’s Start Feb 2009 Promo Mix

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Moustache Music

I’m on a roll here with blog posts so thought I’d end on a music one. I pulled up an old playlist on my iPod and thought I’d post some tracks from that. These are some of my faves. First is a remix of a LAZRtag song. LAZRtag is composed of two dudes from LA woo woo. LUVTEK is part one and he is totally rad, fun, and only like 22. Part two is StellarDRV who I know nothing about. DJ Barletta the remixer, is also worth checking out. By the way, Work is definitely not play for me, even thought I listen to this at work. Ironic. Maybe.

The next track is a SebastiAn track remixed by Erol Alkan who is playing in LA next weekend, and I’m super bummed I’m going to miss it. Even though I’ll be in LA. Gah. I love them both in a special way.

Lastly I have posted a track remixed by my all-time love Stuart Price aka Jacques Lu Cont aka Thin White Duke aka Les Rythmes Digitales. This list goes on. I adore him in so many ways. And this track is no exception.

Anywho this post includes some of my all time faves and I hope you enjoy. This music might be better enjoyed with a moustache on. (See Above)

MP3: LAZRtag – Work Is Play (Barletta Boom Blast Fix)
MP3: SebastiAn – Momy (Erol Alkan’s Simple, Yet Effective Edit)
MP3: Chili Hifly – Is It Love (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)

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I ♥ Videos

The Presets are rad. I’ve posted about them before although the link is probably dead now. I thought this video for “If I Know You” was neat. Its also shot in LA which is cool. And who doesn’t like dancing? I REALLY want to go to the ballet sometime. I mean its right down the street.

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